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Personal Accountability

Build your character with personal accountability

How to Be Pure

Is it realistic to achieve and maintain purity in this life? Yes, purity is possible! Here are some key elements to consider in your fight for purity.

What Is Purity and Why Is It Important?

Most people think purity only applies to sexuality. But its power impacts every part of your life, both now and in eternity. So why is purity important?

How to Make an Effective Action Plan

So, you’ve defined a goal you want to achieve. Now make an action plan to accomplish it. We’ll walk you through the steps to make your dream a reality!

Accountability Partners

Help others succeed by serving as an accountability partner

How to Be a Good Accountability Partner

You have been invited to play an important role in your partner’s success. So what can you do to be a good accountability partner?

Encourage Accountability in Your Church

Church accountability is surprising low, but you can encourage trusting relationships in your congregation by focusing on these key areas.

How to Address an Alert from My Accountability Partner?

As an accountability partner, you play an important role in your partner’s success! But what happens when it’s time to address poor choices?

Family Accountability

Encourage better choices and accountability in your family

Children Need Accountability Now More than Ever

As a parent, you can help your children make wise choices so you all can enjoy peace of mind with technology.

Pornography? Not My Daughter!

Mom and Dad, is your daughter at risk of being trapped in a pornography addiction? The danger is probably closer than you think.

Can Adults Suffer from Too Much Screen Time?

Too much screen time is bad for a child’s mind, but we adults need to be just as concerned about how devices are affecting our mental and physical health.

Marriage Accountability

Build trust with accountability in your marriage

My Husband Won’t Stop Using Pornography

My husband has struggled with pornography for years and gets angry when I ask about it. My trust in him is slowly breaking down. What can I do?

4 Tips for Good Communication in Marriage

Good communication in marriage can be so hard sometimes, but it’s essential to a healthy relationship. Improve your interactions with these practical tips.

How to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage

Without trust, relationships fall apart quickly. Feelings of betrayal compound your own shame and guilt. So how can you rebuild trust in your marriage?

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