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Time monitoring

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Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Kindle, and Linux.

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Accountability software for Mac

Total Internet Accountability

Monitor internet and program activity.

Accountable2You records program usage and internet activity for complete accountability on your Mac.

See exactly what was browsed.

We show the title of each web page viewed, not just a domain or cryptic URL. Each item is rated for questionable content and marked as green, yellow, or red.

Real-Time Reporting and Alerts

Text messages and email alerts.

Optional alerts let accountability partners know right away when objectionable content is viewed.

Reports are updated in real time.

No waiting for the report to come in; partners can always view the latest activity data at any time.

Uninstalling the app is monitored.

Accountability partners are notified if the app is uninstalled.

Track circumvention attempts.

Any attempt to disable or turn off the accountability software on your Mac is recorded, and accountability partners are notified.

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Monitor Screen Time and App Usage

Track when and how devices are used.

The app usage report shows when each device was active and how much time was spent in different apps.

Set time monitoring on device usage.

With a family plan, you can enable email alerts when a device is used outside of the hours you specify.

Adaptable to Your Goals

Customize trigger words.

Adding objectionable words and phrases can help you overcome self-harm, eating disorders, excessive use of a particular app, etc.

Change partners and strictness per device.

Choose who should receive reports and how strict the rating should be for each of your devices individually.

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Additional Features

App exclusion list.

For privacy, our Mac software lets you remove monitoring on some apps that may be confidential. (This will notify your partner.)

Export activity data.

Download any report as a spreadsheet, or schedule automatic exports on a regular basis.

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The App for All Your Devices

Our comprehensive accountability software covers a range of devices. The following table shows what data may be collected on each operating system. This list is not exhaustive; we have shown the most widely used apps.

All Supported Devices

Windows MacOS Android iOS ChromeOS Kindle Linux
Title of Web Page
Web Browsers Monitored
Title of Program
Text Message
Email Subject
Email Content
Phone Call History
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Posts
Snap Chat Text
GPS Location
Uninstall Notification
While using the Accountable2You VPN.
Requires standalone version of Android from A2U support.
Data is only collected if this feature is enabled on the device.