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Accountability Partners

Help others succeed by serving as an accountability partner

Accountability in the Church: Insights from Galatians 6:1

Accountability in the church should be a normal practice as we help one another fight against sin and pursue holiness.

How to Be a Good Accountability Partner

So, you have been invited to play an important role in your partner’s life. What can you do to be a good accountability partner?

Encourage Accountability in Your Church

Church accountability is surprising low, but you can encourage trusting relationships in your congregation by focusing on these key areas.

How to Address an Alert from My Accountability Partner?

As an accountability partner, you play an important role in your partner’s success! But what happens when it’s time to address poor choices?

Confidentiality as an Accountability Partner

Confidentiality is critical to an accountability partnership. Learn to keep secrets well and also know when information truly needs to be shared.

What Is an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is a trusted companion who helps you make progress toward a commitment you have made. Invest in accountability today!

Taking Sin and Grace Seriously

As an accountability partner, you need to take sin and grace seriously. That means knowing when to confront and rebuke sin and when to show grace and hope.

7 Dangers Accountability Partners Should Avoid

As an accountability partner, you can play a key role in helping your partner succeed. But take care to avoid these seven dangers.

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