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Family Accountability

Encourage better choices and accountability in your family

Children Need Accountability Now More than Ever

As a parent, you can help your children make wise choices so you all can enjoy peace of mind with technology.

Pornography? Not My Daughter!

Mom and Dad, is your daughter at risk of being trapped in a pornography addiction? The danger is probably closer than you think.

Can Adults Suffer from Too Much Screen Time?

Too much screen time is bad for a child’s mind, but we adults need to be just as concerned about how devices are affecting our mental and physical health.

Tips for a Screen-Free Holiday

Holidays are a great time to practice being screen-free for the day! Cell phones tend to divert attention from what’s happening around us.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Devices for Accountability

Not all devices are created equal when it comes to staying accountable! This 36-page buyer’s guide will help you make more informed tech purchases.

Can Screen Time Cause Depression?

Many parents see the dangers that online content can cause for their kids, but few realize that screen time itself can be just as harmful.

Halloween Safety for Older Kids and Teens

How can you encourage your kids to be safe this Halloween? Having teens who want to make responsible choices will help to ensure a fun holiday!

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe Online?

Is it possible to keep kids safe online? Filtering and blocking software can’t catch all the bad stuff, so what’s a parent to do?

Teach Your Kids about Online Predators

Online predators are tricky and persuasive, so kids have a hard time recognizing the danger. How can we teach our children to be safe online?

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