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Accountability software for Chromebook

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Monitor all websites visited in Chrome browser
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Time monitoring and usage reports
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Browse responsibly on your Chromebook

Honesty is still the best policy—and it just got easier. Our accountability software for Chromebook sends your chosen partners a report of your activity to help hold you accountable.
What We Monitor

Essential features for accountability on Chromebook

Our goal is to provide you with the best accountability possible on all of your devices. Here’s an overview of the powerful features you can expect from our accountability software for Chrome.

Monitor all websites visited

Accountable2You for Chromebook records all websites accessed in the Chrome browser.

See exactly what was browsed

We show the title of each web page viewed, not just a domain or cryptic URL. Each item is rated for questionable content and marked as green, yellow, or red.

Reports are updated in real time

No waiting for the report to come in; partners can always view the latest activity data at any time.

Instant alerts via text and email

Optional alerts let accountability partners know right away when objectionable content is viewed.

Uninstalling is monitored

Any attempt to disable or turn off the Chrome accountability extension is recorded, and accountability partners are notified.

See when and how devices are used

The app usage report shows when and how much your Chromebook was active during a given time period.

Assign partners per device

Maintain privacy by choosing who receives reports for each device and whether they can see all activity or alerts only.

Set time monitoring on device usage

With a family plan, you can enable email alerts when a device is used outside of the hours you specify.

Customize trigger words

Add your own objectionable words to stay accountable for specific temptations (websites, apps, etc.)

Adjust sensitivity per device

Choose how strict the monitoring sensitivity should be for each of your devices individually.

Export and save activity data

Download any report as a spreadsheet, or schedule automatic exports on a regular basis.

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Experience the peace and freedom that come with accountability.
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