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Real-time accountability

Thoughtful transparency. Peace of mind. Refreshingly simple.
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Detailed monitoring

Make better choices knowing your activity is shared with your accountability partners.
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Comprehensive reports show internet and app activity

See exactly what was browsed, online and offline. Reports show the full title of every web page viewed. Each entry is rated for questionable content and marked as green, yellow, or red.

View real-time records anytime online. Complete history is stored in your account for 15 days.

Monitor texts and calls on Android using an enhanced version of the Accountable2You app available from our support team.

Choose how much detail each partner can see per device (alerts only or all activity).

Advanced monitoring system scans all activity in the background

Powerful keyword rating system lets the app analyze each activity in real time with minimal resource usage. The system recognizes a range of potentially objectionable content including pornography and other sexual content.

Attempts to circumvent, uninstall, or tamper with the app are tracked and reported to your partners.

Monitors incognito and private browsing modes just the same as normal web browsing.

Keep track of screen time with app usage history

See how much time is spent in each app along with helpful charts to visualize the information. Stay accountable for how you or your children are spending time on digital devices.

Track when each device was being used hour by hour with our activity chart. Select any hour to view the activity that occurred in that specific time span.

Instant alerts

Boost your motivation by getting accountability fast when temptation strikes.
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Questionable activity generates an immediate alert

Address issues faster with instant text alerts for any activity rated as highly questionable.

Get a quick email summary within the hour of all questionable activity.

Alerts are easily identified and classified in the dashboard, and you can adjust trigger words and monitoring sensitivity to suit your needs.

Partners get an easy-to-read email summary daily or weekly

Review all devices at a glance with color-coded email reports, and easily jump into the full report for any device needing attention.

See all alerts with full titles of any questionable activity, broken out for each device separately. Partners receive email summaries daily or weekly, depending on their preferences.

The ability to assign different partners per device lets you maintain control of your privacy.

Get notified if a device is used within chosen time limits*

Be alerted if your child uses their device when they shouldn't. Easily set "down time" or curfews to generate an email alert for any activity occurring in a selected time frame.

Start conversations about the importance of boundaries and screen time to build self control in your family.

*Requires a Family plan

Advanced customization

More than a one-size-fits-all accountability app. Accountability your way.
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Add your own custom trigger words to generate alerts

Add your own objectionable words and phrases to generate alerts for whatever your needs require (beyond our extensive monitoring). For example, custom trigger words can help you:

  • Overcome a particular temptation (fantasy, alcohol, etc.)
  • Avoid a specific app like YouTube or Facebook
  • Address struggles with self-harm or eating disorders

You can also whitelist words or phrases as non-objectionable to avoid false-positive alerts (e.g., a doctor may want to whitelist certain anatomical references). Partners will be notified when any non-objectionable words are added.

Privately add your own trigger words, which will generate future alerts if detected in an activity record.

Adjust monitoring sensitivity levels for each device

Choose higher or lower sensitivity per device to increase or decrease the rating given to all activities recorded. This impacts the number of alerts generated from that device.

You could set the sensitivity on your child’s device to High, while leaving your own device at Normal or Low. (Normal sensitivity works best for most users.)

Assign unlimited partners to each device and choose what they can see

Add as many partners as you need for each device. Choose how much detail each partner can see per device (alerts only or all activity).

Assign different partners for work and personal devices, or for each family member individually, etc.

Choose which partners can see reports for each device.

Keep your activity records longer with automatic exports

Data exports give you control over your records beyond the default 15-day history in our app.

Export on demand anytime, or set up scheduled exports daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. You can filter which devices and alert levels to include in each export.

Maintain privacy by excluding sensitive apps from monitoring

If needed, you can opt out of monitoring for specific apps that have private or sensitive information, such as banking or texting apps. Exclusions are added on a per-device basis.

The account password is required to access these exclusions, and any changes are sent to the accountability partners.

*Available on Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux

Monitoring exclusions allow for extra privacy control.

Committed to your freedom

We do things a bit differently around here.

No images or links sent to partners

We know the integrity of accountability partners is very important to you. We do our best to avoid including URLs in reports.

No capturing screenshots

Do you really want private screenshots saved to a server and sent to your partner—including pictures of your spouse, health records, or bank statements? Nope, we don't either. Our detailed monitoring has you covered.

No blocking or filtering

We simply report device activity without hindering your browsing. Accountable2You works well with popular filtering programs.

Ready to get started?

Experience the peace and freedom that come with accountability.
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