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Defending Purity in a Pornographic Age

Defending Purity in a Pornographic Age

Is a lifestyle of purity even possible?

Yes! You can live in freedom from pornography, lust, and sexual sin. But trying harder is not enough. Praying more is not enough. Having an accountability partner is not enough.

This guide offers a practical, biblical approach to overcoming sexual sin and defending purity in a pornographic digital age. Whether you are caught in sexual sin or proactively seeking to guard against temptation, you will find hope and help in these pages.


Purity thrives at the intersection of three vital defenses: Flee from Sin, Come to Christ, and Share with Others.

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The Purity Shield


“With the advancement of technology, online sexual indulgence is exploding. This booklet is a much needed and extremely helpful tool to provide a map to regaining sexual purity. I highly recommend it to anyone who is aware they are desperate for help!”
— Dr. John D. Street
Author, Passions of the Heart: Biblical Counsel for Stubborn Sexual Sins
Chair, Graduate Program of Biblical Counseling, The Master’s University & Seminary
“The Purity Shield is brilliant and as a counselor I fully embrace. It gives hope that sexual purity is possible then lays out a biblical plan packed with the word of God that gives truth to this position.”
— Chuck Steinmetz
ACBC Certified Counselor
Executive Director, Hebrews 4:16 Counseling
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