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Marriage Accountabiility

Build trust with accountability in your marriage

My Husband Won’t Stop Using Pornography

My husband has struggled with pornography for years and gets angry when I ask about it. My trust in him is slowly breaking down. What can I do?

4 Tips for Good Communication in Marriage

Good communication in marriage can be so hard sometimes, but it’s essential to a healthy relationship. Improve your interactions with these practical tips.

How to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage

Without trust, relationships fall apart quickly. Feelings of betrayal compound your own shame and guilt. So how can you rebuild trust in your marriage?

Accountability in Marriage: How Should It Work?

Mutual accountability in marriage provides harmony, trust, and transparency. Here are the key areas to discuss together with your spouse.

Confronting Your Spouse about a Sin Issue

It’s not easy to confront a spouse, but it is often necessary to have a healthy marriage. Sweeping issues under the rug will only lead to worse problems.

Does My Spouse Need to Know about This Friendship?

As a married woman, is it ok to be good friends with a male coworker without talking to your husband about this friendship?

How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

When a spouse has to travel regularly for work, what can the couple do to safeguard their marriage from any vulnerabilities?

Should I Accept a Friend Request from an Old Boyfriend?

I received a friend request on Facebook from an old boyfriend. I have a great relationship with my husband, so should I accept his request?

I’m Worried My Spouse Has a Problem Online

Trust is so important in a marriage, but what can you do if you suspect your spouse is struggling with online temptation?

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