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Monitoring more to bring you the best accountability app

We push the limits of technology to develop the best accountability app possible. Making transparency easy through comprehensive monitoring and reporting is our passion at Accountable2You.
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What does Accountable2You monitor?

The table below shows a summary of what Accountable2You monitors on different platforms (focusing on the essentials, not an exhaustive list).
Android iOS Windows, Mac, Linux Chromebook
All major browsers Chrome browser
Incognito / private browsing
Circumvention / tampering
Uninstall attempts
Any trigger words you add
App usage limited Chrome apps
YouTube limited
Social media limited in browser only limited limited
Calls and text messages n/a n/a
  • Custom trigger words may be added to generate alerts for whatever your needs require (beyond our extensive monitoring).
  • Call and text monitoring on Android requires an enhanced version of the Accountable2You app available from our support team.
  • Depth of monitoring across social media websites can vary depending on a number of factors. At minimum the website name is reported (e.g., Facebook) and often we are able to report more specific activity as well.
  • Monitoring on Chromebook is currently limited to the Chrome browser and Chrome apps. We are actively investigating solutions to improve monitoring on this platform.

Easy to use, loaded with features

Make better choices with real-time monitoring on all your devices.

Detailed monitoring

Our advanced monitoring system reports your internet browsing history (even in Incognito mode) along with app and device usage.

Instant alerts

Overcome temptations in the moment knowing your partner will be notified immediately with text and email alerts.

Advanced customization

Add custom trigger words to send alerts for whatever you struggle with, and adjust the monitoring sensitivity for each device.

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Experience the peace and freedom that come with accountability.
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