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Who is Accountable2You?

We're a close-knit team working together to promote accountability through technology. We realize that being alone on a device can easily lead to making poor choices. Our service promotes open communication through comprehensive reporting on all major operating systems to encourage willing individuals to make better choices with technology.

From small beginnings in 2006, God continues to bless Accountable2You with fantastic customers who enable our rapid, continuous growth. Fast forward to today, and we’re humbled to say that our customers have carried us to become one of the most trusted and widely used accountability service providers in the world.

Where is your office?

We’re located in northern Kentucky, in the historic county seat of Grant county, Williamstown. Alongside fiber Internet, sit/stand desks, and top-notch workstations, we keep our office well-stocked with a hearty variety of free snacks (healthy), treats (totally not healthy), coffee, tea, and other drinks.

Northern Kentucky is nestled in the Ohio River valley and has become well known for beautiful towns, incredible eateries, and as a hub of much of our nation’s birth and history. Our offices sit close to some of Kentucky’s top attractions: About 40 minutes south of beautiful Cincinnati, 7 minutes from Ark Encounter, and less than an hour from the horse capital of the world, Lexington.

What is accountability?

We define accountability as “the quality of taking personal responsibility for your decisions and actions by sharing them with a trusted partner.” As you likely noticed in our online content and website, we’re committed to accountability, and that commitment shows in how we work, design products, and provide support.

That said though, the word “accountability” in today’s culture often comes with a social stigma that enforces accountability as a mechanism of punishment or shame. We’ve made it our goal to change this stigma. In sharp contrast, we see accountability as a gift; a robust and healthy expression of community, fellowship, and a desire to walk openly with others.

Because of this, we don’t view our software as accountability in and of itself, but instead as a powerful tool for maintaining accountability. Our software provides a means by which accountability can thrive, even within our otherwise-invisible digital lives.

Core values

Our core values are not just words on a page. They are the heartbeat of our organization.

Higher Calling

Our team members view their work as a higher calling; our aim isn’t personal praise. We want our labor to make a difference in the people we encounter every day.

Servant’s Heart

We approach all that we do with humility, genuinely interested in helping others. Our desire is to serve each other. We've agreed to hold each other accountable to improve and do better every day.

Eager Perseverance

We eagerly pursue success with the task at hand. We want to meet the needs of our customers, so we pursue solutions that are difficult and persevere until we reach our goal.

What is your team culture?

We legitimately enjoy working together, so you’ll notice a lot of laughter around the office as we work, brainstorm, and problem-solve together. We believe team culture is a reflection of the whole organization, not a specific type of person or personality.

We’re proud to employ people from unique backgrounds, with varying personalities, broad career paths, diverse personal histories, and differing skill sets. While our differences make us unique and powerful, it is the core values we share that bring cohesion and effectiveness.

We hire capable, resourceful people who share our values, ethics, and high moral standards.

We’re a lot like a family; we’re full of ornery jokesters, strategic planners, (occasionally) witty pun-crafters, high-achievers, steady-eddies, and careful communicators. As such, you’ll see a lot of people doing what they excel at here at Accountable2You, and asking for help in areas that may fall outside their wheelhouse.

Inside our office, you’ll notice that while we all have varying responsibilities and expertise, there’s an overarching willingness to share work, knowledge, and responsibilities. More so, there is a continual commitment to shared success as a team.

Benefits and perks

In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits:

Competitive salary

Our salaries adjust to the cost of living and experience.

40-hour workweek

We mean it. Work-life balance is a real thing here!

Top-notch equipment

Get the resources needed to succeed in your role.

Full benefit package

We offer a full suite of health insurance for all of our team members.

401(k) contributions

Our 401(k) plan includes generous company contributions.

Paid family leave

Extra time away for parents during adoption or birth.

Take a break!

We provide generous paid vacation and holidays.

Work that matters

Our software helps change the real lives of real people.

Clean, casual dress code

You’ll find most of us wearing jeans and T-shirts.

Comfortable workspace

Along with sit/stand desks, our office is abundantly stocked with free snacks, treats, coffee, and tea.

Free books and courses

We’ll get you the books, courses, or other materials you need to grow your skills.

Current Job Openings

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who share our team’s mission and core values. Is that you?

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