How to Be a Good Accountability Partner

How to Be a Good Accountability Partner

You have been invited to play a significant role in your partner’s success. What can you do to be a good accountability partner?

Here are some indispensable characteristics and actions you will want to keep in mind.

1. Agree to Be Supportive

Agree with and support your partner’s goals and values. Encourage your partner to carry out the action plan to accomplish their goal. (If you cannot support your partner’s goal or action plan, you might want to help them reconsider their proposal or withdraw from being their partner.)

Encourage your partner to carry out the action plan to accomplish their goal.

2. Focus on the Goal

Focus positively on your partner’s successes and goals. Expect growing successes and reasonable failures. Refuse to accept excuses and hold your partner up to do all that they have agreed to pursue.

3. Listen to Understand

Listen to your partner and seek to gain understanding. Compassionately, gently, and graciously encourage, challenge, and remind your partner of the goal to be attained. Seek to build up your partner.

4. Communicate Well

Communicate clearly, directly, honestly, and respectfully. Ask difficult questions and make critical but helpful observations. Keep matters appropriately confidential.

Seek to build up your partner.

5. Offer Counsel

Thoughtfully share your knowledge and brainstorm solutions with your partner. Help identify real or perceived obstacles to success. Humbly share the lessons you have learned from personal successes and failures. Give your partner good counsel as one who is also changing and growing.

6. Stay Faithfully Committed

Be trustworthy, available, willing, and consistently committed to helping your partner succeed. Other than wanting to see your partner succeed, remain objective and free of personal interest in their success or failure.

7. Share Your Life

Invite a reciprocal relationship. Share your life with your partner as appropriate and be open to their feedback and encouragement.

You can have a great impact on your partner’s life by serving as a good accountability partner. Consider how you could also benefit from having a partner to accomplish your own goals.

March 11, 2019
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