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Family Accountability

Encourage better choices and accountability in your family

How Can Kids Stay Accountable Outside the Home?

What can you do as a parent to help your kids maintain accountability while at school, their friends’ houses, and other activities away from home?

Balancing Screen Time in Your Family

In our technology-driven society, screen time replaces much of the time families used to spend together. How do we balance it with face-to-face interaction?

Balancing Privacy and Accountability for Older Children

As children get older and ask for more privacy, what is a good balance of granting freedom while maintaining parental involvement?

Does Accountability Mean My Parents Don’t Trust Me?

The teen years are a period of intense growth, but the growing need for independence does not mean you are responsibly independent yet.

How Do I Teach My Young Children Responsibility?

Responsibility does not come naturally to any of us! It needs to be taught. We should expect responsibility from our kids, not give it as an option.

Is My Child Too Young to Have a Phone?

Although there is no magic age, you will have a better understanding if your child is ready to have a phone by asking some specific questions.

All These Devices Connect to the Internet

The internet-connected world grows every day. Did you know that over a dozen consumer electronics can connect to the internet and share content online?

3 Reasons Not to Trust in Web Filters

Web filters have their place, but don’t put too much trust in them. Here are three big limitations of any internet filtering software.

My Daughter Is Using Her Phone Inappropriately

Technology has made it so easy for kids to engage in dangerous behavior that can go unnoticed by parents. What can a mom or dad do?

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