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How to Address an Alert from My Accountability Partner?

by Ali Royann

When an alert comes through on my accountability partner’s report, how should I confront them?

Watchful Partner

Dear Watchful,

As an accountability partner, you play an important role in your partner’s success! Encouraging them in their plan toward reaching and maintaining their goal is exciting. But what happens when it’s time to address poor choices?

Together you can brainstorm ideas to help your partner achieve better success.

Confrontation can be difficult. You may be required to ask difficult questions of your partner. Your questions may be met with embarrassment or other unpredictable behavior. But remember, they have asked you to partner with them in this journey!

I encourage you to set a time to meet face-to-face. You get the most benefit from conversation when you are physically together. Let them know you are not here to shame or judge, but want to help them identify what went wrong.

Listen to their explanation to get a better understanding of the situation. Direct the conversation by asking questions like “What made it easy to slip?” or “What can you do to prevent this from happening again?” It is important to not accept excuses. Accountability is about taking responsibility for our choices. Together you can brainstorm ideas to help your partner achieve better success.

End your conversation by encouraging your partner to focus on their goal. Remind them that you are committed to helping them succeed! Give praise and recognize the progress they are making. Quality communication will directly affect your accountability relationship. Remember, positive words motivate!

Yours in accountability,

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