How Does Accountability Software Work?

Transparency builds trust. No secrets means no regrets.

Our app promotes open communication through comprehensive reporting of device activity.

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Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Kindle, and Linux.

Getting Started Is Easy

1. Find a Trusted Friend

Partnership is how accountability software works

Choose an accountability partner who will support you in your goals and encourage you toward success.

2. Install the App

Install the accountability app

Our software monitors all your devices and sends reports to your partner to promote open, honest communication.

3. Enjoy Success!

Achieve success with accountability

Live in the freedom of accountability knowing your partner is looking out for you!

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Comprehensive Reporting

Accountability software works by monitoring all your devices

Accountability for All Activities

Our software monitors for all kinds of potentially harmful activity based on extensive research.

All alerts are easily viewed in the main report. Easily see all activity occurring during that time frame.

Accountability software works by alerting your partner about objectionable activity

Alerts for Objectionable Activity

Enable instant text message alerts, and we will notify your chosen partner(s) immediately when the app detects highly objectionable activity. All objectionable activity is automatically sent in an hourly email report.

Accountability software works by sending regular email reports to your partner

Partner Email Reports

Partners can be assigned a daily, weekly, or alerts-only email report. Reports are easy to read and comprehensive.

Your privacy is very important to us. We allow optional password protection on reports to prevent any unauthorized viewing of activity.

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The App for All Your Devices

Our comprehensive accountability app works on a range of devices. The following table shows what data may be collected on each operating system. This list is not exhaustive; we have shown the most widely used apps.

All Supported Devices

Windows MacOS Android iOS ChromeOS Kindle Linux
Title of Web Page
All Browsers Monitored
Title of Program
Text Message
Email Subject
Email Content
Phone Call History
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Posts
Snap Chat Text
GPS Location
Uninstall Notification
While using the Accountable2You VPN.
Requires standalone version of the app from A2U support.
Data is only collected if this feature is enabled on the device.