Accountability Begins With Sincere Communication

An accountability tool that encourages rich communication through comprehensive reporting of device activity.

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Seek an accountability partner who will support you in your goals and encourage you toward success!

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Our app is a useful tool which creates a platform for open, honest communication between you and your accountability partner through comprehensive reporting.

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Accountability is an important step towards achieving success! Let us help you accomplish your goals!

Comprehensive Reporting

Accountability for All Activities

Accountability covers every aspect of life. We rate for all kinds of activity based on research we have collected. All Alerts are easily viewed in the main report and can be selected to see all activity occurring during that time frame.

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Objectionable Activity Alerts

If highly objectionable activity is detected, you can select to have Instant Text Alerts sent to the partners specified to that account which will notify them immediately. All objectionable activity is automatically reported in an hourly email report.

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Partner Email Reports

Partners can be assigned a daily, weekly or alerts only email report. Reports are easy to read, Your privacy is very important to us. We allow optional password protection on reports to prevent any unauthorized viewing of activity.

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