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5 Reasons Why Accountability Is Important

by Scot Chadwick

Accountability is a mechanism for success. Seek transparency with a trusted partner and discover the many benefits available to you. Gratefully enjoy the good gift of communicating with an accountability partner.

What can be gained by being accountable to a trusted partner?

Seeking transparency with a trusted partner benefits you in several ways.

1. You Build a Habit of Living Deliberately.

It’s your life—what are you doing with it? Accountability can help you demonstrate a clear purpose in your life. Show that you are actually doing what you said you would by sharing relevant details of your life with a trusted companion.

Accountability shows that you have committed to pursue a goal. Then it keeps you focused on fulfilling specific action steps to accomplish it.

Your partner can challenge you to keep up your priority, to push you to your limits, to keep you taking action. They can help make sure you work according to a standard and in the proper time.

2. You Demonstrate Your Progress.

Because you are tracking your progress, you can see how far you have come. You remain heartened to persevere to reach the next level. You have hope that change is possible.

Instead of following the path of least resistance, you can gradually push forward through obstacles, building momentum to effect real lasting change in your life. Your trusted partner can help you get unstuck and work through seemingly overwhelming circumstances.

By monitoring yourself you can vilify your failures and reward your successes. Who doesn’t like to hear “Good job” and “Well done”?

3. You Develop Your Reputation.

You care about your reputation. What kind of person do you want to be known as? You can be known as a wise person who accomplishes goals and fulfills obligations. Your maturity will become an example for others to follow.

You can be known as one who humbly admits mistakes, learns from them, makes amends, and moves on.

You can be known as one who humbly admits mistakes, learns from them, makes amends, and moves on.

The more you deliver on your commitments, the more others will trust you. Hypocrisy is the disconnect between words and works. You want to live with integrity and being accountable to a trusted partner can help to build the reputation you desire.

4. You Receive Helpful Counsel.

Your path forward may seem daunting. Your partner can help. Accountability helps to keep you honest and moving forward toward the goal you have determined for yourself.

Your partner can challenge you to take intelligent risks and fine-tune your plan. They can help you work through a real or potential failure and keep your eyes on the goal. The external, objective voice of your partner can give you a different perspective. You can avoid blind spots and identify challenges you may not have considered. They might also help you to brainstorm solutions to a problem.

You gain the peace that someone else knows what you are doing. Your trusted partner provides a support system and becomes a cheerleader in your successes.

5. You Build Valuable Relationships.

A relationship steeped in accountability can yield more than just a fulfilled commitment. Serving one another and engaging each other in substantive ways builds valuable relationships marked by harmony, peace, and camaraderie.

Your pursuit of a goal might also encourage others to make and achieve their own goals. Your partner might also connect you with others who can help you move forward.


Accountability is important. Clear communication with a trusted companion will give you the best opportunities for success in life, helping you to do the right thing to meet your goals.

Do you want success? What are your goals? The best way to achieve them is through peer accountability.

Originally published on December 10, 2018

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