Note from Owner

Accountable2You opened in August 2006. Accountable2You’s mission from the very beginning was to build tools to help people who wanted to be accountable. Since our opening, we have built software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Kindle, and Linux. Through God’s help, this tool has reached thousands around the world!

A Little About Me

First and most importantly, I’m a believer in Jesus the Christ as God, the Son. I’m saved from the fierce anger of God through the shed blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross for my sin and rebellion. I’m a Christian by the grace and mercy of God alone. I want God to get all the glory in my life (1 Thessalonians 4:11). God has made me what I am today in spite of myself.

Accountable2You History

This project started as a little accountability program I wrote for my wife and me. Before the first version of Accountable2You, my wife and I used paid and free accountability services, but these programs caused computer problems and slow Internet speeds. These were good services, and I really had no desire to write my own program aside from the issues I was experiencing. As the project grew my wife and I felt the leading of the Lord to open it up to the public.

A Closing Note

My heart’s desire is that all who use Accountable2You will become a Christian. True salvation cannot come from man. It is a supernatural act of God.
I challenge you to go to the following links and see what the Bible says about being saved from the fierce anger of God. The Bible says all will face His anger unless they accept His substitute, Jesus the Christ.

Soli Deo gloria,
Ben Lawrence
Owner and Cofounder