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Defend purity. Live with integrity.

Accountability software for healthy transparency and peace of mind

Guard against digital temptations

Easily share reports of your device activity with trusted partners. Any questionable activity is highlighted for review to help you make better choices.

Richard G.

"This is a must have for anyone living in the digital age and striving for purity. . . . This app has helped save my marriage and family and have advocated its use to the extent that my church now has all staff on it."

Ainsley B.

"I can't say enough great things about this app. It holds our entire family accountable and the customer service is incredible. I would never use another app. . . . It has never let me down and the alerts are instant and precise and tell you exactly what you need to know and the alert level. HIGHLY recommend!"

Matthew W.

"This is by far the best accountability software I have ever used. It's streamlines all of my devices together it is incredibly detailed. Honestly to me this is how an accountability software should be."
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Transparency = freedom

Our advanced monitoring system reports your internet browsing history (even in Incognito mode) along with app and device usage.
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Overcome temptation

Boost your willpower with instant alerts, knowing your partner will be notified immediately of any questionable activity.
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Be accountable for more

Add custom trigger words to send alerts for whatever you struggle with, and adjust the monitoring sensitivity for each device.
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Accountability on all your devices

Meet your new accountability app

One account. All your devices. Unlimited partners.
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Defending Purity in a Pornographic Age

Freedom from pornography is possible! Discover the three vital defenses to a lifestyle of purity through accountability.
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Defending Purity in a Pornographic Age

We’ve got you covered

At Accountable2You, we strive to offer the best accountability app on the market so you can enjoy your favorite apps worry-free, with transparency and integrity.
What We Monitor

A unique approach to accountability software

Monitoring More

Our software monitors for more than just pornography. We catch concerning activity that might otherwise go under the radar.

Offering Freedom

Accountable2You does not block websites or prevent you from doing your work. We provide accountability by reporting detailed activity to your partner.

Protecting Partners

We work hard to avoid sending links or images that could tempt accountability partners in the reports and alerts they receive.

See the difference for yourself

Start your free trial with Accountable2You, completely risk-free.
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Join thousands enjoying the freedom of transparency

Installing Accountable2You is quick and easy. Get up and running in minutes.
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