3 Ways to Benefit for Those Seeking Change

3 Keys to Make Accountability Work for You

How can you benefit from accountability? You have made a commitment to improving yourself. This means that you have work to do on yourself. You are not there yet, but you want to be.

What are some key attitudes and actions you must have to improve with accountability?

Humble Yourself.

It takes humility to commit to change. You have already acknowledged that you are not perfect, so continue to admit your failings and faults. Recognize your shortcomings and fix them.

You have asked someone to help you, so welcome their assistance. Openly respond to their questions without becoming defensive. Receive criticism and discern the truth. Be thankful and say so.

Being humble does not mean you must be insecure or timid. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.

Once you have gained some success, maintain an unpretentious attitude. Instead of showing contempt for others who still need to change and grow, share your knowledge, tips, and successes with them. Seek not to elevate yourself in their eyes but to build them up and encourage them to their own victories.

Deal in Truth.

Communication is a key aspect of effective accountability. You’ve enlisted the help of a trusted partner, so be trustworthy to them.

Honesty and sincerity help move you forward.

Share relevant details with your partner in an open, truthful, and transparent way. Honesty and sincerity help move you forward.

Hiding pertinent details does not help your progress, and neither does responding defensively to questions from your partner. Dishonesty kills accountability.

Remember that you asked this person to be your partner. He or she should have your best interests in mind. You need to feel safe entrusting personal details to this person.

You may also want to communicate with your partner immediately if you are on the verge of failure, or to give context to a real or perceived setback.

Talk about what matters, what affects your quality of life and your progress toward your goal.


Recognize that you are responsible for you. What can you do, what must you do to live better?

Examine yourself first. Act on the truth you already know and commit to learning and growing along the way. Exercise self-control even if no one is looking.

Avoid the path of least resistance. Be bold. Take informed risks.

Move beyond embarrassment about your failures. When you hate failure enough, you will tend to succeed.

Keep focused on the goal. It may take some time to see the fruit of your labor. However, your daily decisions and actions influence your momentum toward your goal.

You have work to do. Get after it!

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