An accountability partner is a trusted companion who helps you make progress toward a commitment you have made.

Generally, you should select an accountability partner who is the same gender as you (unless it’s your spouse).

Good accountability partners agree with and support your goals and values. They help you build momentum to fulfill your commitments, focusing positively on your successes and goals.

You want to find someone who invites a two-way relationship, who is reasonably available for conversation. They seek to understand your progress and humbly share lessons they have learned from personal successes and failures.

Helpful partners are kind, gentle, and gracious. They encourage, challenge, and remind you of your goal. They are objective and free of personal interest in your success or failure—other than wanting to see you succeed.

Good partners are trustworthy, dependable, willing, and consistently committed to helping you. They communicate clearly, directly, honestly, and respectfully. Excellent partners ask difficult questions when appropriate and make critical but helpful observations. They are trusted friends who keep matters appropriately confidential.

Good accountability partners realistically expect growing successes along with reasonable failures. They thoughtfully share knowledge and help you brainstorm solutions.

A good accountability partner refuses to accept excuses or let you get away with doing less than you agreed to pursue.

While you are responsible for yourself, your partner can greatly help or even hinder your success. Exercise wisdom in finding a partner who will assist you in your journey to achieve your goals.