Accountability—what does that even mean? Is it surveillance and invasion of privacy? Does accountability invite unwarranted criticism and finding fault? Is it probation and punishment for when you mess up?

Accountability is the quality of taking personal responsibility for your decisions and actions by sharing relevant details about your life with a trusted partner so you can build excellence in all areas of life.

By this definition, an accountable person pursues self-improvement. Recognize and embrace the fact that you are responsible for you. Have an appetite for growth and you realize how trusted partners can help you move forward down the path of success.

By sharing relevant details about your life, find a higher commitment to do what you said you would do. Take action steps knowing that a trusted partner will ask you about your progress.

The accountability relationship focuses on the commitment to be achieved. Sure, you will experience ups and downs along the path. But you and your partner bring the proper perspective on your successes and failures, you implement solutions, and you always keep the desired end in sight.

Rich communication with a trusted partner can help you build excellence in all areas of life.